By Lisa Portolan
Cecilia Binner. Not exactly the name of a winner to start with, is it? Said name belongs to a thirty-two-year-old single Australian female: unintentionally comical, intentionally sarcastic, potentially alcoholic, managing somehow, regardless of general tardiness and verbal brawls, to cruise through life as an advertising manager.
Homer's Men
By E Ashby
…there’s a difference between having a fate and accepting your fate. There’s a distinct difference too, in being alive as a player of someone else’s game, and having a life that you choose for yourself. A real hero, like Odysseus, never gives in. Homer’s men are like that. They never give in.
A darkness. A deluge. A storm. A juggernaut. And I know I won’t be able to keep my head above water. He has always been stronger than me, and I know that he’ll drown me.
He’ll pull me under the tide with him, and I’ll hold my breath for a while, but eventually I’ll grow desperate and breathe. Water will tear through, and sear my lungs like fire. Filling each and every vacuous space in my body. Contaminating and silencing it.
But it doesn’t worry me. Not now.
It’s what I’ve yearned for, for so long. I can’t keep my head above water anymore.
I need the sweet release of truth.
Even if it kills me.