I'm looking for your happiness story!

This week has seen a hiatus from my book tour. In between Queensland and the ACT I'm back to reality. Back to work and Sydney. Obviously, the #happyas book tour has produced amazing highs, from speaking at the Gold Coast Early Risers, to ABC Radio National Big Ideas at Avid Readers in Brisbane and national television including the Today Show and The Drum. Extensive highs are always followed by lulls. Luckily, my lulls are constituted by my ordinary life. My tiny world, in a peach coloured terrace in Sydney, with my daughter, my regular job and my books. Of course, I'm always surrounded by my books. This week I read, The Meaning of Life, by the Dalai Lama (forward by Richard Gere). Insightful, moving, dynamic - how can one not be moved by a book which contains words from our modern day Lama and Gere?? So my return to reality was not so hard. 

But I handpicked my reality. After spending the majority of my life living a life which was ill-suited to my values, identity and disposition, I decided to change it up. I resigned from my high-paying job in Canberra and headed back to Sydney. 

Sydney held an intrinsic place in my heart. It lined the fabric of the back-pocket of my jeans. 

It was my heart. 

The pastel coloured terraces, the colourful and authentic people - that was my home, those were my people. I belonged here. Amongst them. 

To be happy again I had to find my way back. I had to go against every societal convention. Yes, in Canberra, I had the right job, I knew the right people, I drove the right car. Who would give all that up?


Because in-between the highs of my book tour was Sydney. The place which stole my heart. My home. Lost in the tiny streets, amongst the vintage of Glebe markets and a vino with old friend, i knew I had followed my happiness trail. 

Have you?

I want to hear your views and thoughts, and I'd love to publish them right here on my website. 

Tell me your happiness story - your journey to being a #happinesshero

Whether it's happened, you're in the progress, or you dream of it happening - I welcome your thoughts. 

Email me at: yourhappinessstory@gmail.com

Thank YOU